In 2000 company started its activity. Over the years, we have expanded our product range to 150 different concrete products, and continue to expand it every year. Our aim is to help fulfil the dreams and wishes of our customers to decorate their home environment. Our products include various-sized concrete fence elements and its covers, decorative footpaths for green lawns, stone imitation wall tiles, sculptures, plant pots, fountains, pools and a various animal sculptures. The latter products are made using imported white cement, marble mix and other binding materials.

Our products are popular not only in Lithuania but in the other European countries as well, such as: Latvia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia and others.

After the decorative garden and home environment products are made, they are then sanded, aged and covered with a special impregnation agent which gives the product a wet surface effect, the processed surface protects the products from water and ultraviolet rays, does not change colour and increase product resistance to winter weather conditions.

  • All products can be produced in the customer’s preferred colour.
  • We strive to make all our products in advance.
  • Larger quantities are delivered free of charge.
  • We sell gift cards.
  • We also sell concrete impregnators.